“SOAS till I die”

SOAS Anthem


I don’t think I can recall a moment in my life where I felt like I was in the exact spot that I am supposed to be. After these past five days, I have already met people with a beautiful amount of ambition, drive and excitement for life. SOAS- the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies is the home base for  individuals who have made a commitment to have their life serve others. Many of the students speak a second if not third language. Many of these students have explored their life outside of education to understand that it is they are truly interested in.

This week started with get to know you events at local pubs, which has helped made meeting new people quite nice. This week is also what is known as “Freshers Week.” It is also known as Welcome Week or Orientation. Classes will not actually start until next week. So I have spent this week getting acclimated with London, the area of school and buying groceries, supplies for my room, supplies for school, phone, transport etc. It adds up!

Speaking of classes, that is the most exciting part I think. The classes here are truly designed towards what I love and am interested in. The international relations courses are very specific to the regions I am interested in, (Southeast Asia and Africa) as well as offering challenging new subject matters that I have never considered. I currently have 7 possible classes and I need to narrow it down to 4, but I will be taking a few international relations courses on the politics of south east asa and africa, a history course comparing Gandhi and Gandhism and its influences in London. Finally I am considering either taking a Hindi course or more IR classes. I am not positive at the moment. Either way I will be branching out have pushing what I already learned in the Political Science department at Clark, and improving my knowledge base.

My life at SOAS is going well, I have made a good friend who is a study abroad student from Smith. ( She is my flatmate) but I also have made several friends at and around campus. I would have to admit that the student accommodation is much less than desirable but it makes me happy just the same. Plus I really like the people in the building.  I think that Clark has spoiled me silly. Its all an adventure, and it is all quite fantastic.


Somehow I keep leaving with my camera.. I promise some photos soon, its been quite hectic.


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