St. Pauls Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The lovely cathedral built after the Great Fire of 1666 sending all of London’s churches to be rebuilt. Wren was commissioned to build 51 new buildings mostly including Churches, including this one.

My first visit was to see the incredibly beautiful Cathedral called S Paul’s. It is one of the biggest in its class along with St. Peter’s. Having been to several European Cathedrals such as Notre Dame and others I am ashamed to say I cannot remember the name of, I was looking forward to comparing.

Upon entry, I was baffled. The sites, sounds and images depicted on the Cathedral walls are astounding. They did not allow photography on the inside or else I would have made several images because it was such a photographically beautiful place. It took my breath away.

I did not do myself justice though because I did not look around the church and taken time to understand what I am amidst. Therefore I have to go back to St. Paul’s. I have seen purchased a book on the Cathedral.


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