Temple Church

Two Sunday’s ago… wow time does really pass quickly, I ended up searching to attend a service and visit Temple Church which is seen in the DaVinici Code. If you want to watch here is a  Video about temple church.  I probably should have watched this before my attempt to find it, because I ended up never arriving at Temple Church. I am getting ahead of myself though, lets go back to the start of my morning.
As all mornings commence, I left Dinwiddy House, found the bus I was supposed to take, hopped on and made my way towards Temple Church. The stop I was told to get off at, is quite close to St. Paul’s as well.

The route I was supposed to take.

Yet somehow, I did not follow these directions and they made no sense to me. I ended up getting off the bus around St. Paul’s, and then started walking hoping to find the Temple Church at this point I had about twenty minutes before the service started. I first started walking towards St. Paul’s and turned at this construction sight hoping that it was the right place to go, It wasn’t. I was actually walking away from the river which you can see I really was not supposed to be doing.

The 2nd route I should have taken

I ended up walking down Fleet Street, and ended up walking towards the river. At this point it was past 11:15 and I decided to take a photographic journey instead, enjoying some me time and taking a lovely walk. I didn’t end it with anything that I love, but I still was able to walk about and enjoy my time. So I walked down some creaky streets

a little pub in an alley way that was on an incline. I realized on this walk that I am really interested in store fronts and windows from around the world.

At this point I had not given up on trying to find Temple Church, I walked towards the embankment to continue my escapade. I was determined to get to this location.  I finally saw this:

I must have been close.

I know that I must have been quite close, so I tried to follow the signs towards Temple Church, walked down another little alley way, and this is what I ended up seeing:

Coming out of the Alley way

View from on top of the staircase looking out onto the river. I don’t think I walked past it ( although I must have)









So I never did end up finding the Temple Church, I did find the Twinnings Factory, some lovely sights, have an amazing walk and actually ended up for the first time in Covent Garden, Seven Dials and a bit of Soho. I ended up in areas of Central London I hadn’t ever ventured out to, which is what these trips are for- to make myself get out of the Kings Cross area and try to learn about an area that I don’t know much about. The Sunday ended up at this lovely arts festival in Bloomsbury that was filled with cute food pop-ups, little art booths and actually there were activities going around all over the neighborhood, we just ran out of time to participate in them. Time goes by quickly.

Covent Garden

Have a beautiful Sunday, remember every single day is an adventure and to enjoy it.



Westminster Abbey

Church Challenge, Part 2 Westminster Abbey
Sunday October 7th, I went to a service at Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey, front view

My morning started by taking the bus towards Westminster Abbey. Little did I know that there was a special race going on so I was not able to take the bus as far as I would like, but I had the pleasant surprise of running into the London Eye for the first time. It was really fun and exciting to make my way into central London.

London Eye, I was going to edit this more and probably should have but I’m impressed London ever has enough sunlight to produce that much light in an image.

I strolled along the River Thames with leisure watching the movements along the river bank. I am a firm believer that a river makes a city ten times prettier, and in London’s case it provides a history and account of the city. As I marched along I could see Big Ben in the distance, and strolled towards it knowing that would be my ultimate destination.

(Side note: I did get a look at the bridge that Voldemort and the death eaters took out, surprisingly it is still standing, “The Other Minister” must have taken care of that quickly.)

Big Ben

Anyway, my walk took me towards a series of statues including Nelson Mandela and my heart did a little flipflop. We took a mental picture together. There are several other statues in the area I just can’t remember what of exactly.

Finally upon reaching Westminster Abbey, I was overwhelmed by the size of the place. It was huge. I have seen some big churches in my day but this is massive. I didn’t take many photos while I was there because I was so overwhelmed but I had an interesting service that I will never forget. First of all, I was sitting on top of a crypt, looking at another and surrounded by five more. Its like dead royal central. I understand its a very impressive piece of architecture and full of tradition, but it was really creepy. The sermon didn’t make me feel much better it was far too traditional mixed with new age than my taste could handle. What I did love was the music, the organ and choir was amazing. Easy to follow and sing along with and incredibly heart warming. The gift shop was pretty awesome too.

Last week I meant to go to St. Mary LeBow which is known for its famous bells, but they didn’t have a Sunday service and my days are pretty hectic for going during the week. Tomorrow I am going to Temple Church which was featured in the Da Vinici Code.


St. Pauls Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The lovely cathedral built after the Great Fire of 1666 sending all of London’s churches to be rebuilt. Wren was commissioned to build 51 new buildings mostly including Churches, including this one.

My first visit was to see the incredibly beautiful Cathedral called S Paul’s. It is one of the biggest in its class along with St. Peter’s. Having been to several European Cathedrals such as Notre Dame and others I am ashamed to say I cannot remember the name of, I was looking forward to comparing.

Upon entry, I was baffled. The sites, sounds and images depicted on the Cathedral walls are astounding. They did not allow photography on the inside or else I would have made several images because it was such a photographically beautiful place. It took my breath away.

I did not do myself justice though because I did not look around the church and taken time to understand what I am amidst. Therefore I have to go back to St. Paul’s. I have seen purchased a book on the Cathedral.