Church Challenge

This page is about my Sunday morning London church challenge. London is full of churches, chapels and cathedrals- they are everywhere. There are even clubs about churches! The idea of this challenge is to attend a service at a different church every Sunday. This is my “me time” no studying, no friends, no excuses. Rain or shine- find a new church. The idea of this challenge is that it will get me out of my normal circle and exploring around. After attending the service I plan to walk around the neighborhood for an hour or so on a photographic journey. The biggest bummer is that many of the places of worship were burned down in the Great Fire of 1666.

After my challenge is finished, I hope to leave with a better understand of the culture and history in London. I believe that religion is a main component to the structure of a society, and so to better understand a religion I must explore. With that is mind I am also open to exploring religious sectors of London outside of Christianity.

My first three churches will be the top three

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

Palace of Westminster, St. Margaret’s Church

Saint Mary le Bow


***As of November, my church challenge has changed because I realized that my time on Sundays is much more limited so it has become a cultural challenge, I am still trying to visit a church a week. Some weeks  I have visited up to 3-4 churches due to touring and my love of religious buildings but I am trying to span my horizons to making a visit to one cultural item a week.*******

If you have any suggestions of churches, chapels or cathedrals to visit in London or near London, don’t hesitate to post and let me know! I hope you all enjoy my visit of churches along with me!


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