Temple Church

Two Sunday’s ago… wow time does really pass quickly, I ended up searching to attend a service and visit Temple Church which is seen in the DaVinici Code. If you want to watch here is a  Video about temple church.  I probably should have watched this before my attempt to find it, because I ended up never arriving at Temple Church. I am getting ahead of myself though, lets go back to the start of my morning.
As all mornings commence, I left Dinwiddy House, found the bus I was supposed to take, hopped on and made my way towards Temple Church. The stop I was told to get off at, is quite close to St. Paul’s as well.

The route I was supposed to take.

Yet somehow, I did not follow these directions and they made no sense to me. I ended up getting off the bus around St. Paul’s, and then started walking hoping to find the Temple Church at this point I had about twenty minutes before the service started. I first started walking towards St. Paul’s and turned at this construction sight hoping that it was the right place to go, It wasn’t. I was actually walking away from the river which you can see I really was not supposed to be doing.

The 2nd route I should have taken

I ended up walking down Fleet Street, and ended up walking towards the river. At this point it was past 11:15 and I decided to take a photographic journey instead, enjoying some me time and taking a lovely walk. I didn’t end it with anything that I love, but I still was able to walk about and enjoy my time. So I walked down some creaky streets

a little pub in an alley way that was on an incline. I realized on this walk that I am really interested in store fronts and windows from around the world.

At this point I had not given up on trying to find Temple Church, I walked towards the embankment to continue my escapade. I was determined to get to this location.  I finally saw this:

I must have been close.

I know that I must have been quite close, so I tried to follow the signs towards Temple Church, walked down another little alley way, and this is what I ended up seeing:

Coming out of the Alley way

View from on top of the staircase looking out onto the river. I don’t think I walked past it ( although I must have)









So I never did end up finding the Temple Church, I did find the Twinnings Factory, some lovely sights, have an amazing walk and actually ended up for the first time in Covent Garden, Seven Dials and a bit of Soho. I ended up in areas of Central London I hadn’t ever ventured out to, which is what these trips are for- to make myself get out of the Kings Cross area and try to learn about an area that I don’t know much about. The Sunday ended up at this lovely arts festival in Bloomsbury that was filled with cute food pop-ups, little art booths and actually there were activities going around all over the neighborhood, we just ran out of time to participate in them. Time goes by quickly.

Covent Garden

Have a beautiful Sunday, remember every single day is an adventure and to enjoy it.



First Week of Classes, New Friends and a New Groove

I have successfully compliment my first week in London, as well as my first day of classes! ( Well two days actually.)

Week One Tons of Fun

Here are some of the friends I made while at Freshers week. One of my friends is a study abroad student at Smith, another at Bard and two others at Vasser. Clark is slightly out numbered but per usual what we lack in numbers we gain in spirit. Welcome Week was full of exciting meetings as a way to get to know the department, student activities to make new friends, and an important time to find and learn about the city we are living in. My friend Chelsea and I spent most of the week exploring London. I feel confident in my abilities to use the bus and tube as well as walking around Central London! One week can really mean the world of a difference when it comes to getting settled in.


Here at SOAS I am having amazing educational opportunities that I would not get to benefit from if I was still at Clark political science for all of my international politics class. Here I am able to take classes that are directly focused on my area of study- Africa. In fact there are so many exciting classes that I found myself at a loss for what to take- I wanted to take it all. I even toyed with the idea of taking lots of South Asia classes and a course in Hindi. Unfortunately, I am not focusing on any parts of Asia so it is irrelevant for my major to take those classes. Here I will be taking Nationalism, Ethnicity and State in Asia and Africa. ( I feel in love with this course which is what got my on Asia studies kick) I will also be taking The State and Politics in Africa, European Human Rights Law/ EU Law- I choose this because of my background with French, if I want to go into diplomacy I should really keep in mind the positive influence that understanding more about Europe and their politics could assist in the long run. Finally I am taking an African history course, called Society and Culture in 20th Century Africa. That class met this morning and I am very excited for the readings and even the lectures. The class is based on understanding how Africa is a complex continent. The professor seems very good as well

Social Life

I feel like I am always running around! There are areas of London to explore, grocery shopping to be done, friends to be made you name it! I am loving the life style, the get and go. I could use a little less rain though. Other than that, we have been going out at night and exploring some of London’s night life, getting coffees together and general wonderings. I am consider joining the University of London Canoe Polo team, which is essentially water polo in kayaks. Its mixing my two favorite sports in a way- rowing and water polo. I will check the team out tomorrow and see how that goes!


Other than that, I am just trying to do well in school and keep up the fun life! Stay tuned for my top ten London culture shocks soon!!!

Here I am with my new friends, that is me in green. The girl from Smith, Bard, two Vassar Boys, a girl from Wesley, a girl from Vassar and two of our own lovely British friends. ( excuse me English friends) This was an event at one of the local hang outs run by the University of London, we were headed to a Welcome Week Dance!